Conservation Diary

Dates may need to be altered to take account of weather conditions, or additional project opportunities. Please call us the day before to check the venue details and that there is space on the minibus.

Autumn / Winter 2018


05 Akeley Wood – Rhododendron clearance and dead hedging SP686385
12 Watermead, Aylesbury – Scrub clearance SP820161
19 College Lake, Tring – ‘Cut and clear’ on the marsh islands SP936139
26 Heartlands, Buckingham – Wildflower seed sowing SP702339


03 Pilch Field, Singleborough – Scrub clearance SP748321
10 Upper Ray Nature Reserve – Hedge management TBC
17 Aylesbury – Cutting black poplar whips TBC
24 Lindengate, Worlds End – Black poplar planting SP857094
31 Rushbeds Wood – Scallop creation SP672154


07 Upper Ray Nature Reserve – Hedge management
14 Whitecross Green Wood – Scallop creation SP599149
21 Watermead, Aylesbury – Hedge planting TBC
28 Watermead, Aylesbury – Hedge planting TBC


05 Dockey Wood, National Trust, Ashridge – Dead hedging SP975147
12 Finemere Wood, Quainton – Scallop creatio SP721215
19 Christmas walk & lunch TBC

More projects

More projects are planned on Wednesdays throughout 2019.